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Private and Shared Shuttle Transfer FAQ's

We often have questions about our private transfer services and shared shuttle services from site visitors, so we have placed some of the more commonly-asked questions here. If you still don't see your question answered, then please contact us.

Pre-Booking Questions

What Car Model Will My Private Transfer Be In?

This depends a lot on the location and the availability of cars from the local operator of the transfer. Cars are generally air-conditioned mid-sized sedans with seating for up to 4 passengers with luggage. Some of our transfers also use private mini-vans or vans that allow extra room for luggage or passengers. All vehicles are clean and regularly served and maintained and come with a professional driver. We cannot guarantee any particular model of car for your transfer as this depends on the local operator's fleet and other demands on that day. Private transfer cars are not taxis.

Are Car Seats Provided for Children or Infants?

Generally private transfers do not provide these items, but this depends on the location. When booking make sure to review the transfer details as there may be an option to request a car seat during booking in the comments section.

What Do You Accept for Payment for My Transfer?

All of our private and shared transfers are pre-paid by credit card only and we do not offer the option of payment on arrival.

Is Everything Included in My Transfer?

Yes, all of the prices include everything for your transfer, except where noted. The most common exception is any road tolls (if there is a choice between a regular road and a toll road and you pick the time-saving toll road), so please make sure to have some local currency available to pay for those (details of any tolls is given on the booking page). Gratuities (tips) are left up to you to decide.

Is the Pricing Per Car or Per Person?

Pricing varies based on the local operator. Some of our prices are given per person with discounts for more people in your party sharing a transfer. Others are given per car with a maximum number of occupants.

Why Are Your Private Transfers More Expensive than a Taxi?

All of our private transfers include a meet and greet service (the driver will wait for you outside the secure area with a sign with your name on it). As the driver needs to wait only for you and the cars used for your transfer are nicer than taxis, there is an extra cost for this service. Many of our clients prefer the small additional cost of the private transfers for piece-of-mind, safety, no hidden costs or arguements with drivers, no language issues, and the driver knowing exactly where you need to go.

Do You Provide Luggage Handling?

Most of our local operators are happy to assist with luggage. Please show your appreciation in their gratuity.

Can I bring my Dog with Me on the Transfer?

Small caged dogs, cats, and other pets are generally allowed for both our private and shared shuttle transfers. Please make a note that you will be bringing your pet along in the comments section. Some transfers also welcome larger dogs, but make sure to note this in the comments section. If the local provider cannot accomodate your pet, you will receive an email.

How do Your Cruise Port Arrival Transfers Work?

If you are arriving by a cruise and looking for a transfer to an airport or hotel after your cruise, the transfer operator must know what time you personally will depart the ship and collect your luggage. If your cruise ship is scheduled to arrive say at 09:00, your scheduled departure time from the ship will most likely not be at that time, but some time after as unloading of ships is usually done in groups based on cabin assignments or other status (almost always the expensive cabins first and those passengers who have sailed more often with that particular cruise line).

All cruise ship transfers will ask your arrival time and then they will often add 3 hours to that time for your scheduled transfer unless you contact them the day before with your confirmed disembarkment time from the ship. Many cruise lines will not have exact departure times until the day before your arrival, so we do realize that this is hard to plan for, but we do recommend not booking any flights within 6 hours of the scheduled arrival time just to be sure. Alternatively you can always book your transfer to the airport directly with your cruise line which will guarantee you will get to the airport on time, but this is usually at a greatly inflated price compared to what we offer.

How Do I Figure Out Which Price to Pick for My Destination?

Some of our shared and private transfers work on zones or city areas. If you are unfamilar with what area your destination is in, please send us an email and we will let you know.

You Don't List Any Transfers at XYZ Airport or Cruise Port, Can I Request a Transfer?

If we do not have any local operators set up in that particular location, then we cannot offer a transfer. However, some of our transfers can be 'reversed' if they are offered in a nearby city that does have a transfer service to your arrival destination or if there is a new transfer that we have not made generally available on the site yet. Send us an email with your request and we will see if we can help you out.

I Have a Meeting in Town, Can I Arrange for the Driver to Wait for Me?

Possibly, so please send us an email. Alternatively, just book two one-way transfers and if you need to get back to the airport early, just give the local operator a call.

Can My Driver Stop for Beer Enroute?

Possibly. Please read the information before booking to confirm as some of our transfers do allow a stop of a few minutes either for free or for a small waiting cost. If this is not mentioned, please make a note of your request in the comments section.

Why Do You Recommend Booking at Least 48 hours Ahead?

The 48 hours or recommendation is to ensure that your transfer is confirmed and guaranteed by the local operator. While we have seen some requests be confirmed for a booking only 2 hours away, most take several hours to issue. To ensure you have a confirmed transfer, the 48 hours recommendation allows the local operator to confirm and issue the voucher.

Please do not wait until the last minute to book as we have seen many last-minute transfers cancelled as the local operator could not guarantee the transfer in time for your arrival or departure.

Post-Booking Questions

I Have Booked a Transfer, But I Have Not Received My Voucher Yet?

Most of our private and shared shuttle vouchers are not issued immediately as your booking must be confirmed by the local operator. Once the local operator of the transfer has been contacted and they have confirmed that they can offer the transfer then the voucher is emailed to you. Many of our vouchers are emailed out within about 6-12 hours after booking, but some of our remote destinations take longer for local confirmation. Once the voucher is sent, you are confirmed for the transfer.

Do I Need to Print Out My Voucher?

Yes, please print out your voucher for your transfer (or print two vouchers if taking a return transfer). Drivers will also accept vouchers presented on a smart phone or laptop if you were unable to print them out, but they may take a picture of your booking voucher with their smart phone.

How Do I Contact the Local Operator of the Transfer?

Local phone and contact details are provided on your voucher.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

The policy varies between local operators, so make sure to read the terms & conditions that are given once you enter in your details on the booking page (this is presented prior to any payment).

How Do I Meet My Private Transfer Driver?

Almost all of our private transfers are meet & greet, meaning that the driver will be waiting for you with your name on a piece of paper or whiteboard just outside the secure area where you pick up your luggage or after customs. A few of our private transfers require you to identify yourself at a counter. Full details are given on your transfer voucher after booking.

How Do I Meet My Shared Shuttle Driver?

Follow the directions given on your transfer voucher after booking (usually a map is given for you to follow). Usually the shuttle will be in the shuttle area of the airport or cruise port, but a few of our shared shuttle transfers also are meet & greet with your name on a piece of paper that the driver is holding.

What Happens if My Flights Arrives Late?

By giving your flight details when booking, the local operator will monitor your flight and adjust their pickup time to meet your flight. Please see the next question if you cannot find your transfer.

What if I Cannot Find my Private or Shared Transfer?

Make sure to follow the instructions on your voucher to find your transfer. Most transfer vouchers will include a map or a detailed description of how to locate your transfer. If you still cannot find the transfer, then a local phone number is provided for you to call and make arrangements (often an airport help desk can call for you). Please don't arrange another transfer before calling the local operator as transfer refunds are only issued if the local operator fails to show up at the destinated location as provided on the voucher.

Other Questions

Let us know by sending us an email.

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